Sitting Shiva

Mama God bring us out of the underworld into your light of heaven promised by the warm hearth of Demeter.
The patriarchal past has reached its demise yet no one moves aside from Durga’s mighty force of nature
Flooding us out of our old ideas and drying up the water that we use as tears of mother
Isis holds us dearly but her grip is slipping while we wiggle oumamagodphotorselves into poverty over inflated and Pushing down the last ounce of Kuan Yin’s service to walk in the shadow of Jesus
Lift the chin to the sun and Ra still remains
There is no extinction in the womb only crowding with elbows raised to answer the money call that is your last best hope to make it count before you die with Sedna scaring the power out of your sentimental heart
I cry for you
I weep for me
I try for all; lest trying be my destruction under Pele’s bible exhausted by fumes ripping apart my neighborhood
Out of source the devil dances with play on
Pachamama’s back as an unwelcomed host draining the blood, leaving my belly resources-less with disease to be bought and sold in the waiting room
Nut sky disguises the mystery under smog lamps
I can’t comprehend the dust that burst into me
Swallowing up the oxygen where none escapes
Mama Goddess awakens now not fighting and gently tapping before it is too late to bury another loved one riddled with cancerous suffocation to what to do next.
I ache for you
I scream for me
I surrender for all; lest surrender be the laziness that lacks the telling
What to do behind the burka with wise eyes wishing better
Freya seducing the snake into the spider’s web feeding the nest and fumigating the forest.
Merging the edges into smooth spikes of electricity combustible by shear will into another form retreating into the synthesis of Divine
You and


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