Confessions of an Earth Day Defector

Maya Rose

I consider myself Earthday photoa novice environmentalist with a dream of one day holding the title of hard core green goddess, though after a long hard look at myself, I found some, let’s say, mis-alignments and inconsistencies that have been a wee bit hard to admit. These inconsistencies have sat me in a place of guilt and shame at times. I have a strong vision of a world, or community for that matter, where the water is clean, the air is fresh, the food is real and the land is lush. Reality shows that pollution is common, food is modified, concrete and cartoon grass is all around us and I’ve come across lakes, ponds and rivers that carry the un-posted sign of “enter at your own risk”. The drought in California has increased the pressure I put on myself to save the world through recycling.

I feel the need to call…

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