Yet to be

Scales down my back
Prickling holes balanced lightly wobbling topside towards the plaster heart in the bowels of a Buddha belly twisted in knots.
By divine grace faint sight squints rays of glory on the horizon of the imagination.
…remindIMG_5364er reflected in the mirror lake distorted from imperfection.  Seductively skipping the surface below the glimmer of sun peaking beyond all cumulus that Touched briefly the gift of love.
…to the wishing well penny paradise grasps this shadow dancing circles around work yet to be done… Silly raindrops collected in the folds of the nose still laughing at the eyes for tearing down the concrete determination to move forward.
A puff of smoke to hide behind while observant of all and nothing making sense of isolation.  Rolling to the center of the bed crushed by the warmth of anticipated breath gusting at wings crippled to take flight and deepening a grief lost to ordinary life clicking keystrokes to see if anyone is listening. Worthiness taken for granted woven comfort into nurturing doubt…….striving to fix the undone vision of all that can be and will never succeed behind the dimension of what’s to come. Sipping it slowly Savoring the promise of time etched in a grain of rice dangling over the Now above the beat of my heart.

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