Needs rising to the surface escaping the swat down of no longer can contain

Such a pain that lies in the buried past of shared illusion and scar tissue made hard by soft presence trying to break free.

The surface dust of a desperate revival of feminine masculine powerful on all levels

broke down by baggage claim costing more than the heart can allow.

What are you willing to do to let go to resolve before the grave of dark transcends us to the kiss lost in the sun.  Hearing my mom’s voice in my head beyond the screams left wisdom behind in profound forgiveness of a strength made rugged by daily life.

Tried and true through all sorts of crazy that makes fun of bygone years.  Crushing a mold of sisters left silent and drained in courage turned the other way.  Too short life forces us to hold on in dysfunctional small causing panic at the thought of my own two feet.

Forgiveness we start again but does little to dispel the patterns of a hero disguised as daddy super pressure no measure can be met.  A pattern unavailable to be set free in failed attempts to cry it open.  Prayers upon prayers to the silent voice in the sky I struggle to hear in a tantrum of smoke circles.

Privileged to pry open the cage of withered parts placing a valley between me and love in a dim understanding of that its meant to be.  Sweeping up the crumbs left on the table and swallowing it up to gain a new self left off before the lights twinkled in the daydream of bubbles and babies.  No second chances when fate takes its hand pulling at a string severed outside my control.  Ironic in connection serving value yet isolation breeds reality.

Brothers past pleads of surface scrapes pretending at division.  Victims of the same wonderment played over a hum of peace and longing.  Disagreements made fatal by ice smiling proper.  Rainbows, unicorns and fairies legitimate in the pause of take a break and thank you much. Putting it all into a hollowed tube to be found in the distant future or traveled on an island washed up as a precious memory holding hands to a budding romance heard quiver in the ocean.

5 thoughts on “Dispell

  1. Hi, Leahjoy – If you would like to join the Curley’s Poets tomorrow nightnight, or any other Tuesday at 7:30 pm, we meet at Curley’s Diner in Stamford, located at 62 West Park Place. If you arrive early like about 7 or 7:15 there are usually a couple of parking spaces in the lot to the right and behind the diner, otherwise there is on street parking. We usually ask each presenter to share copies of their poem so we can follow along. Typically there’s time for just one poem per poet, plus feedback & discussion as we may be so moved. Sorry I had to miss this month’s Expressions East, looks like there was a splendid lineup of talented artists. Hope to see you next month or maybe some Tuesday night at Curley’s. Your new posting is wonderfully deep and heartfelt – you carry the reader along with you through some tough realities, yet there seems to be an optimism running through it…perhaps because the writing down of it has worked a healing… that you have the good fortune, and courage, to share with your readers. I’d say you’re possibly within sight of another volume of your work, I will be glad to recommend it to everyone I know. Peace,

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