Conscious love

Conscious Love


Technological  Distance

Radical self acceptance

Rocking chair love interrupted

Serene inheritance corrupted

Text style dating

Media connection

Screen shot necklace

A haze of what’s to come

Eye looking terror

Thrown intimacy from afar

Playground swinging

delighted in the breeze

Lost in pleasure free to twirl

Chasing isolation on pounding walls

Hopping in and out of habits tricked by fairy tales

Suppressed needs to pride mommy away awaiting papa at the door

Tail wagging barking up the wrong tree

Twinkle darling on the surface of smoke rings and phone quotes

until reality sets in and loneliness pops out long enough to to drink it back

Effort demons set free in conscious love stuck lazy

Daze on and on in daydream

Casting Peter Pan at the window and tinker bell on the floor

Heart space stagnation breeds bravery to cry and courage to fail

Making lovers out of cowards locked in closets underground

worthy witness blames the mirror

Autonomy built on fear fused needy desperation in the cotton tails of the mad hatter

Return dear one to joy in simple soul gaze and hand hold to make you my smile

and I your sun

Keep off this ground of Get this, Do that and for what’s sake and take my lips for your

rain by your arms as my earth

Let noise go from false friends and fan base for air in my breath as I quench off your


Merge in the one placing wings on your back falling into the dark swallowed up in the

stars sealed off forever with a kiss

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