Lost behind a wall of don’t speak Invisible posture posed in look at me. Crowded out numbered by masculine force upon my nature Hovering in a corner of imaginary confidants.

Forever in the dusty closet of common house rules chained to servitude to the higher good slithering mass. Bottoming out to not give a fuc. Re-emerging transformed in a vortex of life’s aglow.

A speck of spotlight on the kitchen table hallowing out a type of warmth that fades by the fire

Stop pulse. Breathe. Revive

Getting it together to take on the fight next door. Pumping my dukes to rewind the fate plaster on my wall.

Says you. No more. Wise up to the shaz you’ve digested Gergitate the SHUSH you’ve inflicted

Gone. Beyond no more till the hummingbird bites the nectar from it’s scab and scream drowns it all out to forget. Remembered the tides that bind this hallelujah

Can you send me an Angel to guide me home with the keys stroke by the piano.

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