I wonder 2Be Daddy

Lion hearted show no pain

bottled inside a mystery fame

scope kalide

a dark black hole detachted

born a dude



see me daddy how I swing

girls begone

just a fling




go work

boys gone cukoo

he turns his head with a jerk

down the chimney he goes

to repair all the leaks

spy from afar

hiding the geeks

stuffed in the books made mighty for man

a black boy

be serious

no be a ham


don’t no more give a dam

a man’s world

not for me

tight lipped in agony

for sipping the tea

to girly for me this delight that I taste

back to work can’t make haste

sorry ladies no time for you

I have no clue

on how to boo hoooooo

stop getting me to feel


or heal

daddy’s gone, got work

and to bring home the meal

to seal the art of the deal.

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