how they try to taint my name staining my character with smirk and a sarcastic story about how they survived the war wounds of a woman gone off and not suited to the pedestal her trophy sits on.

Victim ashes to dust on the bookshelf moldy writers looking upon the textbook not finished and frames slightly crooked.

Siblings and sisters in law thrown under the bus labeled bi-polar and do it all better master. The dinner party guest will be offended if they see your diary out on the table. let me just peek at the pages and punish you for taking out the trash without permission.

Skipping the recycling this week to tend to the rat race in downtown danbury to prove I can record my story to a faithful believer. Scammed repeat pride of my flock of Hitchcock birds attaching security cameras at the front door with voice activation to take away my right to complain of injustice.

The block party still goes on each wednesday at the center green where the rich folk entertain the poor landscape with a folksy concert that we all get to escape each other and tell the tail to the seasons.

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