are you a hero willing to talk even when your voice cracks and his veins pop out. Will you be brave and hold the hand of risky behavior to lead by example. A hero lies inside the bars in some villages at 15 with heros in blue jumpers. Not a hero throwing stale bananas at the couch stains and not a hero gathered with the ducks feeding sour dough to the quackers.

Not a hero but a menace in under cut gib jabber slurred words dripping ketchup on that bench. Yelling heros standing tall to the anthem so sentimental under the lights bought by the loud mouth pto in the middle there. Can we have a shout out to discount relish refills and a new flavor icy pop.

A hero naked saying the confronted victim move or I will fart in your face and spit on your kneck and you will run further than the arrow animated at the stunt training meeting where i sat in the chair behind you. You don’t recognize my skin I see. OOO here the mirror or the mask will keep my moon off the moon shining through the window behind you. Dont look back or you may catch my bare belly in the reflection in the glass.

Gamora not so glamourous when the words don’t match the carpet…..

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