Come out and play brothers and sisters. neighbors and friends.

What’s the story “morning glory!!!!!!!!????!” I heard your television blaring out the window while I was on the yellow rotary phone,,,, I got at a tag sale.

I have a joint if you want to play gin rummy; by the apple tree or; the bare spot that marks it’s grave.

No need to talk and break down communication?…!! when the swing set’s is where we share our secretshhhhhh that grown ups can never know?

What do you crave check mate tea or crumpets,, and,,, piano …or… a picnic.

Imaginary cluster,, brown nuts fallen from the maple, or pine tree?? and who I whisper to under the forsythia bushes.

the game being played is a gamesmanship that i ignore with giggly experiments sung to……….. “light as a feather stiff as a board… I’m not moving it…no I’m not; promise” and another round of rummy or setback?………

swat. the pests. away, before they taste the mud pie and discover my worm ant soup. A smell to drive away those who can’t see pixies and will kill fireflies spice and dandy lion herbs for flavor….. “Dam weed…sooo, what?!!! it is pretty? green.. grass is greener…………………a triangle is a squirrel…

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