Mind Wonder how do i get you monkey off my heart

a silent blue zone regulation from embarrassment from letters unread.

Patterns of thought back to you not to have my back feeling sad ghost on my lips.

A zone of Red naked to haunt all brain surprises and disillusionment to a life never lived.

Panicked disgusts to disappoint another sacred Sunday walking the dark alone.

talk is yellow cheap to a frustrating ear of mine own echo of silly longing that will not leave my arm space

An energy hug of piecing together the last bits of feeling your palms to palms touched to another rose.

A crisp goddess from school daze death made to haunt my confusing wonder…

mind the girl claiming my life was just a dream holder for her true one.

Left with no answers staring blankly into settling into your imprint with courage to allow it

in my dreams to walk freely while I wake to step I scarcely wanted to emit forward….

Needing you.

Never leaving you

as I let the fullness of your mont—a—goooo be your blessing to my envy….

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