What is a Lie by Ommission

A mission to hide the little things with mum’s the word

A white lie in the pocket with pens from the supply closet

The girl who got away but never left your heart so wifey doesn’t need to know

A night out with the guys or gals which end in little white lines

Loyalty to a game stop money ring ringing pop songs at kareoke

Fight club community that bans together at all cost

What is a Lie by Ommission

My half brother love child that nobody is supposed to know about

Devotion to the dollar while handing out soup at the kitchen

Illness and death wish at the convivence of work to be done

A pile full of resumes on the desk of leverage against the cashier on the job

What is a Lie by Ommission

A mission that has seemed to be the main mission of a country gone scary

A lie by Ommision rewarded at the office

but destructive to relationships.

What is your lie by Omission?

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