Damsel play coy and put desire at bay

Helpless cuz there is nothing that your mind can’t do

A nod to hip hop and the American dream

Pantsuits and lace panties kept under cover

Miss independence but not too much

Holding hugs in suspension waiting to be let in

Leaving the white cords alone until the door opens

Eye of the tiger purring hidden in her lips

Satisfied woman on fire tearing up the black keys

Emote like a lady in the privacy of never see you sweat

Hurt lady

Windsor knot in hand, quick to get their order

Give us turn and sit tight until yang yin gets balance

Migrate to the club flying out at the wave of a hand

Baseball and basketball shorts with the stipe down the side

Cutie can come but ugly has no place

It’s a dog eat world unless lipstick is applied

Leaving the blues to Etta and the rest

Swan song in the conference room waiting

Endearing service till the duckies arrive

Pitching long shots impressing the quota of smells like a lady

Walls like a man

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