not in Iraq

grin ear to ear squatting at the hole in the ground where the bile goes

not in the soup line

bare footed freedom in the streets paved with mud

got your health

bailing out water happy to lend a hand

could be worse

standing tall to the letter of the law close up to the camera

one more off the street

purple heart to a sharp shooter, so proud

love of country

at least he was transparent governor

goes with the territory

they have libraries in prison

nothing to complain about

rites of passage to toughen you up

thank me later

hit the pillow to a job well done, soot face

an honest day’s work

money to send back home thank goodness

lucky to be here

the pursuit of happiness bought by Sacajawea

props as good as liberty

turning the other cheek makes for a good karma

a snow storm in texas

at least your not in Iraq

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