If they try to outshine you ladies

don’t let them steal your thunder

Strummin out those cover tunes

ain’t gonna pull you under.

A brass in hand is no better than you

A bass to plunk

a girlfriend or two

Your name may not be on his list

no limo to the show

sayin blood is thinker than water

……what the fuck do they know

Talent knows talent

only ego hogs the light

not a child anymore bro

don’t wanna pick a fight

plenty shine to go around

the more we give the best we get

who’ll run the world


hatin never gets me wet

when they dis

it’s not your fault

it means you got their number

some guys just wanna play

knock you out and tear asunder

No more left for mama to prove

girl we got it goin on

returning to the goddess

outshine beyond the dawn

little boys will cut us down

but they never will divide us

Good men are out there

to walk beside

to show

they got

Guts to not hide us

Celebrate Woman all year and not just for 30 days. This is a man’s world, nothing without a woman’s VOICE

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