Writing Challenge

Hello Expression Monkey’s

I was asked to give more instruction in my next writing challenge so I will do my best to help guide you toward unlocking your thoughts. In general I don’t like to give too many guideline, since I believe it is best to just let it flow uncensored so rather than set up rules I will list some tips:

When you read a theme and find your mind racing with an overwhelming surplus of ideas try these 10 bouncing off points.

  1. Go to your first or your worst memory and paint the picture you see
  2. Sit with the strongest feeling that comes up and let the emotions drive your words
  3. Use a historic event and form a commentary that complements the theme
  4. Family is always ripe with inspiration and can be very therapeutic
  5. Love, lost love and imaginary love is a favorite focus for a reason; you will never run out of word there
  6. Cliché, stereotypes and universal gripes not only get the juices flowing but can also change the world
  7. Sex, sexuality and gender is a topic that most people are afraid of but creates a guaranteed challenge
  8. Nods to the great.. I recently saw an open mic where the talent used original lyrics to classic songs. This can be done with words too.. check out my Shakepeare nod “Time Hath” somewhere on my blog
  9. Fantasy land and make believe. Don’t be afraid to make up words, environments and lifeforms
  10. Last but not least, Essay style is my favorite and can easily be transferred to spoken word or rap lyrics

I hope this helps all of you challenge yourself and take a dive in no matter what fear, silliness or hesitation may come up. Everything is valid and the most import thing is to keep working that muscle regardless of whether it makes sense or not. You can always go back and edit or see it as the sketch before the master drawing. Whatever works to get you in the mood and feels like a challenge.

Today’s Theme: Woman on top (let’s bring in the goddess finally, men you too)

Rules: 5 lines only (oh another tip: Start your piece using the theme as the first line)

Woman on Top, scary as hell

Men don’t like it much, we put them under a spell

They will thank us when it’s over

Dude…. not like Pavlov

or his bell

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