Above the law

America’s disease

the lady takes it for the team

the men bought a get away car

go for the win

leave all moral compass at the door

the big stage reflecting the collective bypass

protected by the boys club

don’t mess with one of ours

to feel too much gets a scarlet letter

turning the cheek over a game and a beer

let the little things go to a harmless choir

slight of hand setting a spotlight on the larger issue

just keep quiet and it will all go away

no sensible person checks under the rug when popularity is the prize

find a truth to make it through the moment

sandblasting the spark of life one mulatto at a time

till they come to you

just a corpse decaying in the back of the room

stepping over the worms for a clever lecture in a tune we can hum to

which makes it all ok

above the lawless

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