Writing Challenge

Hello expression monkey’s. So in light of current events today’s theme is WAKE UP CALL. The only way to make a change is to come face to face with the truth and then acknowledge when a problem exist. I have been operating lately from a quote I heard online that said “you can’t fix a hole in the wall that you can’t see” Writing is an excellent way to not only make peace with your feeling but also to open up closed minds to see something that they refuse to see. “we are all in this together” is not only a clever slogan but an action to be met with fierce application.

(I apologize for my spelling infinity… can’t be great at everything:)

Write any length poem or story based on the theme: WAKE UP CALL

Rules: no rules, don’t think


he puts his head in the sand

hoping to hear the sound of the waves and the sun on his face

feet poking out to be tickled by sea gulls and wind gusts

can’t quite breathe but the warmth of his hole hugs the shoulders tight

A red cooler stocked full by bikini girls and tinted glasses

the dark salt keeps the body preserved in order to appear alive

his heart maintains it’s pace through a pyramid of boomboxes blasting from the blanket ajacent

pushed to the limit that soaks the tears up in the stripes of terry cloth

damned if you do so might as well keep the towel in the bag

letting the nasty side hidden by the quiet underground



purple painted toes

controlling the day with only seeing the night

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