a memory that flashes a bit of light to a simple thought of home

taking me out of the walls that locked me into bitter survival

grabbing sunshine from small stories of when I was good and life was easy

i gift the world with whatever form of crazy keeps my memory alive knowing nothing of my passage through time

giving up the sorrow to wipe it all clean and bury it deeper

my diary of dirty laundry kept to justify your escape to a quiet deserved

clouds up ahead letting forgiveness rise to all parts of this body

weeping willow take all confessions to back up this new season

a memory to remind the river that earth is an unconditional witness

putting regret to bed and taking punishment off the table of wild flowers

smelling the patient friends that bear no judgement and sprout perspective towards a new day

colors and senses replace feelings and nonsense from a past that no longer exists

a bud in the sky poking out its nose to tell me it shall all fade into memory.

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