Brave soldiers walking the talk, having more energy than I and standing for all future me’s.

Stay strong.

Stay united even when folks like me rather write about it than be by your side.

I am weaker than my sermons would protest but you give my weary heart hope for change.

we hung up our hats while every eye and every arm links in solidarity to take back dignity.

The failure of my imagination pays lip service to the courage and strength in numbers on the street

Anytown america giving us reason to believe in a better day

One where men, woman and children can leave their house and be greeted by compassion

A place where a small misstep is met with a helping hand

a neihborhood that mothers don’t need to fret and every sound of the engine

A justice system in which dad’s don’t have to pray for a gaf or stutter to secure redemption

Brooklyn Center a snapshot of our shared darkness and collective light

I walk with you, if only in tepid words whispered to the gods.

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