A lady interrupted

Spotted emotions

Heart on the sleeves

Shoulder to cry on

Caring to much about putting on a jacket and getting those teeth brushed.

Boy Interupted

Emotions under the surface

a solid rock of ideas

Arms to wrap in

Working to hard to make sure the heat is on and the bills are paid.

Gender says walk on eggshells for hysterical lady; made furious left in the dark.

Gender says don’t push stubborn boy; made angry put on the spot.

Lady interrupted

Mistrust and dis-respect to be able to handle all the truth.

Boy Interupted

Mistrust and disrespect to be seen as innocent.

Different world sitting in the same conflict.

Lady interrupted must be hysterical while boy has to be stubborn until the field gets leveled

And the blooms come up

Welcoming again the innocence of nothing


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