good enough with no reference from another human being.

Artist to be free to fly into a box that measures proportions by publications and university credits.

The matte on the picture must be black or white

::colors seem to bold.

Unsophisticated to the nearest package hanging, judged on the library walls.

Good enough

right brain talent setting a new bar. Stainless steel or a light charcoal to fit in at the swap a doo network of higher minds.

Depth of field and perspective

wild:: just right to gather executive to a gala celebration

Plenty of gasp for air and tell it like it is.

Application deadline and righteous nomination for honoring all

that commonplace won’t address properly..and makes for great copy.

Good enough poet with vision

lose lip spreading finger paint into ilford keeping just enough emulsion to please the panel.

Glossy paper submerged to reveal the structure

Like magic in the dark:: gaining enough solitude long before

Display it…like this

With black matte or white cuz

Colors are too bold.

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