workin 4 the man

On the grind to squeeze swollen feet into black polished shoes

Workin 4 the man

quittin time when grease splatter spotless and each nook and cranny rubs knuckles raw

little black vest peeled off at evening in a hunch back with bones a aching

overtime required snapping off the heads one by one

workin 4 the man

25 cent raise when no talk back keeps that evaluation stellar, plus twenty minutes to sit down with no deductions.

cash money paid in full on a house for upper crust dreams made possible, being sure to lock up at night.

Two days off a week, one for sleep and the other to get that stain out of the uniform top.

lucky to have it whistle tunes soundtrack in the head to keep that chin up.

Practical absurd you dare not complain about giving pride to just another day

Working 4 the man

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