Not Open to Feedback

I’m not open to feedback

I see it on your face

Nicely tucked away in the folds of that compliment on how my words touched your heart.

A friendly tip from that one time he spoke her poem in front of the class and learned how to project and articulate correctly.

I know how hard you work at being the best expert audience for all things oratory

And with that infectious grin and such a solid handshake, how can I contradict

The ways I tell a story to preamble me presentation and manage to always stumble over the screech of the microphone

How when you saw that famous nomad from the city and an oh so spunky talent from out west

and how you loved the way they leaned into the tale about the kids with spaghetti on their face that made everyone feel that they were sitting at the table

But you have admired all my work and just love how I assemble a particulate of banter and flow a good alliteration, “is that the right word”, or metaphorical patter.

I thank you for the compliment and admire the oranges and yellows in your shirt; a wonderful drishti spot to calm my nerves that you said you “didn’t even notice”

With that said

And what to for among sincere thanks and appreciation to you for attending

However; with a grin

“Not open to feedback”

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