New love spark

Liking the potential of it all

Draped in fears pushed down for at least a few days

My haze brushed the whiskers of your haze

Wobbling past each veil of past them and they, trying to not sabotage emotion

Too much too soon

Not enough as the dawn breaks

Coming up for air to figure out what is real and how much illusion laid glimmering in the eyes

Wonderment enchanting but timid in cycles left to ages of been there done this

Learning a bit from mistakes of youth

Tripping again over eager desire desperate to not look so

checking the boxes hoping to fill all that Virgo Venus makes for fairy tales

Remembering scores go in each direction and imperfections make good pillow talk

wait and see has never been my strong suit but maturity makes my effort pat me on the back

simple joy in the exchange caught by surprise and the baggage yet to tempt the risk of being hurt

all the markings of something worth knowing and anything less is a heart not touched

gliding in the water with ears tucked just below the noise to watch the clouds decide which direction the sun and rain must peak around.

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