In the gap

When the hate moves away what fills in the gap

Mr Baldwin said it best

Forced to deal with the pain no longer held at bay by the judgements cast on you

Opinions left to the imagination but never verified for the convenience to a wounded child.

Rhetoric overheard at the diner pulling the puppet string over the eyes to not make contact on the way out.

Close up gives sucker punches to the voice box saying clever catch phrases to maneuver the body away from looking under the hood.

Hold on to the sweet self righteous rage

Mrs. Brown wanting us to do it better.

Pulling up love and compassion under the might of separation cost too much pride.

Uncomfortable reverence walking softly past a lineage of hard nails and peaceful division.

Disposable life symbolic on the grocery store. A shipment of heartbeats to be restocked next week.

Wild and daring to fall and get up even after the dirt from the road flies out from under screeching tires quick to leave breath in the dust.

All one in the secret divots that death reveals, yet our ability to exist weighs solely on those others who keep pushing hate into the gap.

Scared to face the pain.

Less than human.

Programmed to do it and exceptional to wipe it clean.

A whole world past good versus evil and a new standard to inspire those pesky Others to see a small mend in the gap

Past pain

To find brother and sisterly love.

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