I got caught in the fantasy

Lost on a cloud of words made from mountains

Hung up on a respect thought ever binding

Stuffed into a small corner clawing my way out

Singing songs about rainbows through clouds in cryptic visual hypnotics

Lost in a cord that vision created and lifetimes set in motion

Left out in the cold to be cast as nothing and nobody

Though bodies warmed nights that hearts would link memories

Another stone thrown into the ocean to send ripples towards the next galaxy

Confession of secret passions locked tight in lips covered in black ink and pink erasers

Lost to all decent speck of caring that shoulders burdens laid on pillows and blankets

Sliding doors and string dimensions make peace among the trap of repeating the same monotony against the window

Routine and stale banter lets the mind take rest in never giving up the pedestal and gracing the path of partners parting ways in the dark

Forgetting is not forgiving and history always repeats when repent is left to the weary

Slivers of shadows sprinkle in dreams undone and phantoms pushed to the back of the bus

Seeping from under the seat with google eyes peeking out like schoolgirls pranking unsuspecting boys, mooning the bus driver.

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